2 + 5 repeated blood oxygen line

Product Usage:

Suitable for adult finishes, adult fingers, children's soft fingers, children's fingers, ear clip-based blood oxygen saturation probes
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1. Small size. Soft. Strong anti-interference ability;

2. Bend resistant, chemical resistance;

3. Adopt medical grade materials. Compliance with ISO10993-1, ISO10993-5 and ISO10993-10 biocompatibility standards.

Detailed introduction:
Conductor: 25 / 0.05 (can be designed as tinned copper or alloy copper according to customer needs)

Insulation: HDPE

Inner shield: tinned copper wrap

Inner sheath: PVC

Fill: Burgeon

External shield: tinned copper woven

Maintenance cover: TPU

Outer diameter: 4.0mm

Color: gray or blue

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