What is a medical line?

Publisher : Time : 2022-03-23

Medical lines mainly refer to medical equipment or ambulance lines for patient surgery, treatment, monitoring purposes. According to the medical level used, it can be divided into: blood supply, there is a surgery, no invasive monitoring, medical equipment internal use, etc., different use levels are different on materials.
The internal use of the medical equipment complies with ROHS requirements, PB \\u003c10 ppm, CD \\u003c5 ppm, and no phthalic acid salt. The product has certain use of reliability.
Medical non-invasive monitoring lines, in addition to having the above requirements, it should also be considered external forces such as wear-resistant to pull resistance, and the corrosion of medical disinfection solvents should be considered, and the skin allergic test is tested. There must be a certain requirement for bending, voltage resistance, and anti-interference.
There is a surgical line, with a certain contact with the human body fluid, except for general environmental requirements, there is a certain biological assurance, through a certain biological toxic test, skin allergic test, hydrochloride, isopropane Sterilization treatment of disinfective solution, etc.
Transfusion infusion level medical line, except for biopolysis, skin allergies, biological macro, should also consider the reaction of infusion products and plastic additives, and different liquids have different formulations. Depending on the length of the infusion time, the requirements for the material are also different.
According to the different medical equipment, the medical line can be divided into: ECG line, blood transmission line, surgical knife, super-bandwave, gastric mirror, blood oxygen, body temperature measuring line, monitor line, etc. Depending on the frequency of use, it can be divided into: one-time use and limited use of products, divided into: innovation and non-invasive.

The overall requirements of the medical cable are summarized as follows:
A) Strive to patient comfort: soft and flexible, frictional resistance is small, and the outer view is smooth.
B) Ergonomics: small size, light weight, high flexibility, intuitive and safe.
C) Sterilization requirements: suitable for EtO (ethylene oxide), high pressure disinfection, low temperature treatment, CIDEX (glutaraldehyde) soaking, IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipes.
D) Durable: elasticity and reliability, wear resistance, severe stretching, scratch resistance, and twister.
E) Electrical performance requirements: resistance, capacitance requirements, electromagnetic compatibility (RFI / EMI), high voltage, noise test, etc.
F) Economic Benefits: Different according to the number of uses, the cost requirements of the product are different.

US power cord conductor resistance to US power cord conductor electrical resistance UL1581
Japanese power cord conductor resistor JIS-C-3306
China Power Cord Body Electric Prevention GB5023.1-7 1997
European power supply line conductor resistance DIN-VDE-0281-1  

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